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If you require a unique belt or conveyor to deliver the best conveyor performance, we will not hesitate to recommend, design and deliver a totally customized solution for your application. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with the performance of our products. We are confident we can provide the right belt, sprockets and other components you need.

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Flat-Flex® conveyor belts have over 85 years of trusted performance, promoting maximum flow-through for many applications in various industries. Flat-Flex® belts are USDA Accepted and... More »

When you require extra strength and support from your belt look no further than Flat-Flex® XT®. Flat-Flex XT’s unique smaller spaces increase the amount of belt joints... More »

Compact-Grid conveyor belt is designed to offer superior support for small products. Compact-Grid’s 70% open surface area makes it easy-to-clean and offers exceptional flow-through properties... More »

Eye-Flex® steel conveyor belts are engineered for applications that require an extremely rugged, long lasting belt. Eye-Flex's greater strength, carrying capacity, and open flat surface profile... More »

Versa-Link® conveyor belt makes installation easy! Versa-Link’s Advanced Link Rods join the belt in as little as 30 seconds, no tools required. Versa-Link’s Forged Edge... More »

Ladder-Track ladder conveyor belt is a simple but effective style of conveyor belt, most commonly found in bakeries. Ladder-Track conveyor belt's open design provides efficient... More »

Wire Belt's TC-327 tortilla cooling conveyor belt package is everything you need for your tortilla lines. Made completely of stainless steel and with 76% open surface... More »

When you have a complex product or process that requires special handling such as: moving product up steep inclines or down sharp declines, maintaining product... More »

C-CureEdge® C-shaped edge loops help to prevent catching during installation and operation of your conveyor belt especially during tight conveyor-to-conveyor transfers. C-CureEdge® edge loops also... More »

Flex-Turn® conveyor belts move products in process around corners while maintaining proper product spacing and alignment. Flex-Turn® belts offer the tightest level transfer and smallest... More »

Field-proven and dependable Flex-Turn® power turning units gently convey products in process around corners while maintaining proper product alignment. They offer the tightest level transfer and... More »

Wire Belt offers a range of straight conveyors designed to ensure efficient operation, improved belt... More »

The necessity to spread/separate or converge products while they are moving on a process belt conveyor is a major requirement for a wide range of... More »

When looking for the best drive components for your machine, look no further than Wire Belt's customized sprockets and blanks. We can guarantee the perfect fit... More »

Wire Belt introduces our line of PEEK drive components. PEEK is an abbreviation for PolyEtherEther-Ketone, a high performance engineering thermoplastic that can operate at high... More »

Wire Belt's innovative line of Clean-Sweep sprockets are specifically designed to deflect the amount of product buildup accumulated on your conveyor’s drive. This means that there... More »

Halechain (formally known as Hale Bros Inc.) - is now a Wire Belt Company. Halechain manufactures and inventories nine sizes of single jack chain #8 to... More »

Halechain (formally known as Hale Bros Inc.) - is now a Wire Belt Company. Halechain manufactures and inventories two sizes of double jack chain #16 and #18

Our double... More »

Using EZ-Splice® belt joining strand during installation will dramatically extend your belt life! Belt installations that are rushed and improperly made are often the cause... More »

The Compact-Grid joining tool kit makes crimping simple. Each tool kit includes two joining levers, and one set of Compact-Grid joining pliers. These tools are... More »

Belt clips are used for joining the belt during installation and for making fast minor repairs to the belt. They are available in one space... More »

Joining tubes can be used to create a hybrid join between a full strand weave and the use of joining clips. A single strand is... More »

The Wire Straightening Tool has been designed to work with Flat-Flex® and Flat-Flex® XT® belts. Straightening wire strands during belt joining, regular maintenance... More »

Wire Belt Company offers a range of belt maintenance tools for easy removal, repair or installation of metal conveyor belts.  All tools are packaged in... More »