EZ-Splice® joining strand

Longer belt life, stronger belt joints

Using EZ-Splice® belt joining strand during installation will dramatically extend your belt life! Belt installations that are rushed and improperly made are often the cause of belt breakage and downtime. EZ-Splice® is a pre-formed, pre-bent joining strand that requires no bending or weaving during installation. This helps to prevent any weak spots in the belt joint.

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EZ-Splice® joining strand advantages:

  • Stronger belt joints for longer belt life
  • Save time and money by reducing repair time
  • Replaces the traditional full strand joining method of lacing and weaving
  • Join your belt up to 20 times faster than traditional full strand joining
  • Works with our C-CureEdge® Flat-Flex® belts



EZ-Splice® joining strands are available for these belts:


  • 42 X .062
  • 42 X .050
  • 32 X .082
  • 24 X .092
  • 24 X .072
  • 15 X .092


Flat-Flex® XT®

  • 24 X .072 XT
  • 32 X .072 XT

EZ-Splice® belt joining instructions

Tools you will need:
  • Safety glasses
  • EZ-Splice Strand
  • Profiling Pliers

Step 1:

  • Place the EZ-Splice® strand between the two ends of the belt to be joined, match and align the spaces of the strand with the spaces of the belt.

  • Make sure that the cut end of the EZ-Splice® strand is on the bottom.

Step 2:

  • Once both ends of the belt are aligned with the spaces in the EZ-Splice® strand, turn the EZ-Splice® strand over and hook both end loops in as shown below.

  • Hook end loop in place.

  • Repeat opposite end.

  • EZ-Splice with endloops hooked.

Step 3:

  • Now that you have both end loops hooked, turn the EZ-Splice® strand 180º or 1/2 turn.

  • Turn and insert the second space of the EZ-Splice® strand through the second space of the belt to be spliced and repeat every other space until the end of the belt is reached.

  • Now the bottom half of the joint is completed.

Step 4:

  • Once the bottom half is all locked into the appropriate spaces across the width of the belt, turn the EZ-Splice® strand about 1/4 of a turn or about 90º up as shown.
  • Take the top half of belt and hook the first space over and through the first space of the EZ-Splice®.
  • Then repeat every other space until the end of the belt is reached.
  • Now that joint is in place, follow step 5 and step 6 to lock your EZ-Splice® in place.

Step 5 - inserting the bit into the pliers:

  • Insert the beveled edge of the bit into the jaw slot, pushing in with your index finger until you hear a click indicating that the bit is locked into place. Make sure to use the correct bit.

Step 6 - crimping:

  • Starting in the center of the belt to be crimped, insert the low jaw of the profiling pliers into the joining strand, match the joint bend of the strand up with the corresponding grove on the lower jaw of the profiling pliers and crimp down. Moving outward, insert the lower jaw into the next joint bend making sure to match it up again with the corresponding grove on the lower jaw. Repeat until the end of the belt is reached.
  • Crimp the Z bends in the splice strand to the proper profile height to insure required belt clearance throughout the conveyor circuit. Profile pliers will bottom out when fully crimped.