Q: How long will my belt last?
A: It depends on the application and the maintenance of the conveyor. Think about belt life like you would the life of a tire on a car. The faster you go, the quicker it will wear due to the amount of revolutions. If maintained properly, it will last a longer period of time.
Q: Are your belts suitable for food contact?
A: Yes, all of our belts, except the Eye-Flex belt, are USDA accepted and suitable for food contact.
Q: How much tension do I put on my belt?
A: You only need enough tension in the belt circuit to engage the drive sprockets. The belt needs to be “finger tight” at the infeed.
Q: How fast can I run my belt?
A: It’s not so much about the speed of the belt, but the number of revolutions. The faster you run a belt, the more likely you will have to replace it in a shorter amount of time.
Q: What widths are available for wire belts?
A: Depending on the mesh, they range from 1 inch to 161 ½ inches.
Q: Are there advantages of metal belts over plastic belts?
A: Metal belts are a clean-in-place style of belt, which means you do not have to remove them from the conveyor to clean them. Metal belts are also metal detectable where plastic is not, which is especially important in food processing. Metal belts also won’t catch on fire.
Q: Can my belt travel backwards?
A: Flat-Flex belts can run backwards if the conveyor is set up properly.
Q: Do your belts need to be removed for cleaning?
A: No, all of our belts are a clean-in-place style of belt manufactured out of type 302 stainless.
Q: Can I have specific belts made to my specification?
A: Yes, contact our Technical Services department for more information.
Q: How long will it take to have my belt made?
A: The average lead time for a standard Flat-Flex belt is 5 days. If it is a belt we carry in stock, usually we can send it out that day.
Q: How do I select the proper belt for a new application?
A: Please contact the Technical Services department for assistance.
Q: Do you manufacture transfer rollers?
A: Yes, we manufacture a variety of rollers in different materials.
Q: Can you make a complete conveyor?
A: Yes, our sister company, Wire Belt Company Limited, has a full fabrication shop dedicated to conveyors.
Q: Do you have EZ-Splice for the smaller pitch and wire diameters?
A: The smallest pitch we make EZ-Splice in is the 42x.050. We also carry the 42x.062, 32x.072, 32x.082, 24x.072, 15x.092 and the 24x.092.       
Q: Does Wire Belt offer any onsite training programs?
A: Yes, contact your local representative for an appointment.