Eye-Flex® metal modular conveyor belt

Replace your conveyor's unpredictable plastic modular belt with reliable Eye-Flex® metal modular conveyor belt.

Eye-Flex® metal modular conveyor belt has many and varied uses. If you require a unique belt to deliver the best conveyor performance, we will not hesitate to design and deliver a totally customized solution for your application. 
Whatever your requirements, our Technical Sales Engineers will work with you to determine the best Eye-Flex® conveyor belt configuration to accommodate your product, process, application and maintenance requirements.


Enhanced Belt Strength.

  • Now redesigned with a special reinforcement plate configuration to increase strength and provide longer belt life!

Modular Belt Design.

  • Almost unlimited configurations to easily replace plastic modular belts.

Flat Carrying Surface.

  • Smooth carrying surface that wont damage your product.

Available with Flights.

  • Carry your product through an incline or decline.

Available Side Guards.

  • Prevent product falling off the edges of the belt.  
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