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Flat-Flex® conveyor belts have over 85 years of trusted performance, promoting maximum flow-through for many applications in various industries. Flat-Flex® belts are USDA Accepted and... More »

Designed for harsh applications that require an extremely heavy-duty belt, Eye-Flex® belts are custom designed with almost unlimited configurations to meet your applications demanding requirements.... More »

When you require extra strength and support from your belt look no further than Flat-Flex® XT®. Flat-Flex XT’s unique smaller spaces increase the amount of belt joints... More »

Compact-Grid conveyor belt is designed to offer superior support for small products. Compact-Grid’s 70% open surface area makes it easy-to-clean and offers exceptional flow-through properties... More »

Versa-Link® conveyor belt makes installation easy! Versa-Link’s Advanced Link Rods join the belt in as little as 30 seconds, no tools required. Versa-Link’s Forged Edge... More »

Wire Belt's TC-327 tortilla cooling conveyor belt package is everything you need for your tortilla lines. Made completely of stainless steel and with 76% open surface... More »

When you have a complex product or process that requires special handling such as: moving product up steep inclines or down sharp declines, maintaining product... More »

Patented C-CureEdge® C-shaped edge loops help to prevent catching during installation and operation of your conveyor belt especially during tight conveyor-to-conveyor transfers. C-CureEdge® edge loops... More »

Flex-Turn® conveyor belts move products in process around corners while maintaining proper product spacing and alignment. Flex-Turn® belts offer the tightest level transfer and smallest... More »

Flex-Turn® conveyors gently move products around corners while maintaining proper product alignment and spacing. Flex-Turn® conveyors offer the tightest level transfer and smallest inside turning radius available.... More »

Wire Belt offers a range of straight conveyors suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive environments common to the food and pharmaceutical industries. All of our conveyors... More »

Custom-designed spreader or converging conveyors reposition, re-align or adjust the spacing between products. The width, and direction of a product line can be increased (spread)... More »

When looking for the best drive components for your machine, look no further than Wire Belt's customized sprockets and blanks. We can guarantee the perfect fit... More »

Wire Belt introduces our line of PEEK drive components. PEEK is an abbreviation for PolyEtherEther-Ketone, a high performance engineering thermoplastic that can operate at high... More »

Wire Belt's innovative line of Clean-Sweep sprockets are specifically designed to deflect the amount of product buildup accumulated on your conveyor’s drive. This means that there... More »

Using EZ-Splice® belt joining strand during installation will dramatically extend your belt life! Belt installations that are rushed and improperly made are often the cause... More »

The Compact-Grid joining tool kit makes crimping simple. Each tool kit includes two joining levers, and one set of Compact-Grid joining pliers. These tools are... More »

Belt clips are used for joining the belt during installation and for making fast minor repairs to the belt. They are available in one space... More »

Wire Belt Company offers compact, light-weight, durable Micro-Shear® wire cutters for easier removal, repair and/or installation of Flat-Flex® belts. The patented Micro-Shear blade by-pass... More »

The Wire Straightening Tool has been designed to work with Flat-Flex® and Flat-Flex® XT® belts. Straightening wire strands during belt joining, regular maintenance... More »