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TC-327 with tortillas
TC-327 with tortillas
TC-327 Conveyor Belt
2 year belt life guarantee
Have you switched your tortilla lines to plastic conveyor belting because you wanted longer belt life? Is your product not cooling properly or sticking together during packaging? Not happy with the results from your plastic belt?

Wire Belt has the answer you need. Introducing TC-327, Wire Belt’s latest conveyor belt innovation. Want longer belt’ve got it. New TC-327 will last two years guaranteed!* Made of high-quality stainless steel, TC-327 provides optimal product support. The smaller space increase the total number of spaces across the width of the belt, providing maximum product support and optimal belt strength. TC-327’s tighter pitch also means that you will have less product scrap from tortillas getting caught in the belt.

Because it’s made with stainless steel, TC-327 won’t leave your product wet or moist since the belt takes the heat and conducts it away from the product. Also, TC-327 will not stretch or sag like plastic belts can at higher temperatures. Further, with TC-327 there is no danger of the conveyor belt catching fire.

Unlike competitive plastic belts that are only 3-48% open, TC-327’s 76% open surface area allows maximum air flow through the belt to completely cool tortillas. This allows tortillas to be cooled faster and more completely than with plastic belts. This openness also allows the belt to be cleaned better and more easily than any other belt for the tortilla industry.
TC-327 Advantages

TC-327 is engineered with Wire Belt’s patented C-CureEdge® end-loops, providing the maximum in safety by helping to prevent the belt from snagging or catching during operation. The TC-327 package includes genuine Wire Belt sprockets and blanks, two EZSplice strands for stronger and long-lasting splice joints, and the EZSplice splicing tool kit.

TC-327 Advantages

NO-RISK 2-year belt life guarantee!*
Made of high-quality stainless steel
Provides superior product support
76% open surface area maximizes airflow through the belt
Cools tortillas faster and more complete than plastic belts
Wastes less of your product
Does not stretch or sag like plastic belts
Manufactured with C-CureEdge® to prevent belt lines from catching
Includes EZSplice® splicing strands for stronger, long lasting splice joints
Kit comes with everything needed to easily retrofit to your conveyor
Cleans more easily than any other belt for the tortilla industry
Will not catch fire