FlatFlex® XT® Extra Strength for Medium-Duty Applications

Considerations for selecting a belt for your application:

  • Mesh
  • Strength
  • Belt Size
  • Belt Material
  • Edge Availability


Flat-Flex® XT® offers you an alternative to balanced-weave belts for medium-duty processing applications. Flat-Flex® XT has lower belt mass than balanced weave belting styles which results in lower power consumption, faster processes, and more product thru-put.

The strength of the Flat-Flex® XT comes from the "Z-bend" joints in the wire mesh. As a rule, the greater the number of joints across the width of the belt, the stronger the belt.

The spacing layout on the XT features more belt joints in a given belt width than the comparable original Flat-Flex® belt. This unique design better distributes the operating stresses among the belt joints for less severe "cyclic loading" or metal fatigue.

Flat-Flex® XT® U.S. Patent number 6,202,833

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