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Enrober Belt for the candy and confectionary industry…….


Wire Belt is one of the leading suppliers of high strength carbon steel wire conveyor belting for the Confectionary Industry. Confectionary coating line conveyor belts, sometimes known as “Enrober” Belts are a product that Wire Belt Company has been manufacturing for more than 60 years. While enrober belts are usually made of a high strength carbon steel wire, which is sometimes called music wire, they can also be made of stainless steel wire. We do this for candy, chocolate, and other confectionary manufacturers that want to more easily clean their lines, and prevent any opportunity for corrosion and other issues associated with the carbon steel wire.


Wire Belt Company produces wide selection of Enrober Belts, and other confectionary belting. In fact Wire Belt builds a specialty line of “feature belts” that are also used in the candy business, for product orientation, alignment, and tracking. These belts are sometimes called “Compound” wire conveyor belts and/or “Aligned” wire conveyor belts. These belts are built with “features” woven into the mesh such as flights, pockets, and channels, which are used to help the confectioner with product placement, alignment, and even timing in an automated conveyorized operation.

Wire Belt’s experience and background in this area of conveyor belting is what has made it the leading supplier of confectionary belts to equipment manufacturers, and to the candy and confection industry. Our Technical Service experts stand ready to help you with new machine design requirements as well as replacement belting for your existing equipment. When you think of Enrober Belts and other belts needed for candy and confectionary production, make sure you consider using belting manufactured by Wire Belt Company. Wire Belt’s experience and reputation for quality, reliability, and service are second to none. Remember, “when you need a wire belt, make sure it’s a Wire Belt!”

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Pocketed Candy Belt
Pocketed Candy Belt

For more information on Enrober belts, call and ask for our Technical Services Department at 603-644-2500.