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EZSplice, only from Wire Belt, offers you an alternative to the traditional belt splicing method. EZSplice is a single pre-formed, pre-shaped strand made to fit the width and mesh of your belt. This offers you longer belt life, stronger belt joints, and less downtime from failures at the splice which saves time and money.

The EZSplice strand eliminates the weaving of traditional splicing and replaces it with a simple hook and loop method, saving you time. The strength of the EZSplice strand comes from the pre-shaped “Z-bend” joints. This eliminates the chance of weak points from the bending and straightening of traditional splicing.

Once installed the strand is locked into place by crimping down the Z-bend joints of the EZSplice with our Profiling Pliers.

EZSplice Patented Advantages:

  • Get longer belt life, STRONGER belt joints, and save time and money by reducing downtime for repairs
  • When used as an original splice in a replacement belt, EZSplice extends belt life dramatically and helps to
    prevent failures at the belt joint
  • This revolutionary system not only extends the life of your belts, but makes joining or splicing them up to 20 TIMES FASTER!
  • EZSplice eliminates the process of “lacing” or “weaving” of a single wire strand through the spaces across the width of your conveyor belt
  • Works with our new patented C-CureEdge belts

Download EZSplice Splicing Instructions
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Step 1.  Align the strand


Step 2.  Hook the endloops


Step 3.  Snap the strand in place


Step 4.  Crimp it
You're Finished! You're ready to roll with the strongest splice available!

U.S. Patent number 4,754,871