EYE-Flex® Heavy Duty Modular Belting E-mail

rings as spacersLooking for Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belting… Look No Further.

Eye-Flex is the strongest belt available in the Wire Belt family of products. Eye-Flex conveyor belting is made for applications that require an extremely rugged, long lasting belt.

Eye-Flex’s greater strength, carrying capacity, and open flat surface profile is the answer to all your heavy-duty conveying needs, whether you have a new or a replacement application.

Eye-Flex® Belt Styles


Eye-Flex without spacers
underwelded wire spacing
rings as spacers
springs as spacers

Belt Edge Types

Chain Edge

Chain edges are used on Eye-Flex belts primarily to provide for an alternative driving method. Besides being an alternate positive drive system, this edge style is very strong.

Reinforcing Plates

Reinforcing plates are the typical edge style. These are solid metal plates added before the connecting rod is welded. Additional reinforcing plates can be added at the edge of the belt, or at specified increments across the belt width to further enhance the strength of this belt.

Other Accessories

Side Guards

Eye-Flex belts can be equipped with side guards to prevent product falling off the side of the belt. Height and shape of the side guards can be customized for your product or application. These side guards can also be inserted at various points across the belt width providing a positive separation between rows of product.


Flights can be added to Eye-Flex belts which form a barrier across the belt width. Flights can be bolted, welded in place, or formed directly into the wire. Height, shape and style of flight can be customized for your application.

Drive Components


With their positive engagement, sprockets eliminate the possibility of slippage on the drive shaft that can occur on a friction drive system. All sprockets are available in stainless steel or polyacetal plastic. The table below shows the available pitch diameters and number of teeth for each belt pitch.


Cage Rollers

This positive drive system is often used for chain edge belts. In addition to driving the chain edge, this drive system also engages the belt across the entire belt width.
Cage rollers are an excellent choice for applications that require a sanitary and hygienic drive system.