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C-CureEdge won't catch or tangle


C-CureEdge U.S. Patent number 5,404,998
Wire Belt now offers the new patented C-CureEdge option on most Flat-Flex belts. The Patented C-shaped endloops have many advantages that will increase safety and improve productivity in your facility. C-CureEdge will not tangle during shipment, storage, or installation. It will not snag or catch on another belt during operation or movement of equipment from one position to another. These two factors alone will save you time and repairs. Bottom line… this makes your facility safer, more productive, and more cost effective.

C-CureEdge Product Advantages:

  • Eliminates “zipper effect” tangling when un-rolling or re-rolling
  • Patented design improves flexibility and reduces individual strand stress on the outside edge of the belt extending belt life and lowering you Total cost of ownership.
  • Diminishes opportunity for conveyor damage caused by end loop irregularities found in competitive belts
  • Minimizes risk of accidents from sharp or burred open ends
  • Lessens opportunity for conveyor-to-conveyor catching and tangling during transfers
  • A direct drop-in replacement for any Flat-Flex belt, requiring no conveyor modifications
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