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Flat-Flex® Belt Solutions for the Entire Range of Customers' Needs E-mail

flat_flex_chic.jpgThe unique features of Flat-Flex® conveyor belts offer numerous benefits that increase productivity, help contain costs, and improve your overall product quality.  Some of these advantages include:

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FlatFlex® XT® Extra Strength for Medium-Duty Applications E-mail

 Flat-Flex® XT® offers you an alternative to balanced-weave belts for medium-duty processing applications. Flat-Flex XT has lower belt mass than balanced weave belting styles which results in lower power consumption, faster processes, and more product thru-put.

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C-CureEdge®... Increase safety, boost productivity. Get the Edge! E-mail
 Wire Belt now offers the new patented C-CureEdge option on most Flat-Flex belts. The Patented C-shaped endloops have many advantages that will increase safety and improve productivity in your facility. C-CureEdge will not tangle during shipment, storage, or installation. It will not snag or catch on another belt during operation or movement of equipment from one position to another. These two factors alone will save you time and repairs. Bottom line… this makes your facility safer, more productive, and more cost effective.
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Compact Grid™ conveyor belt E-mail

Compact GridCompact Grid provides the ultimate in product support and at the same time, its open mesh design offers superior flow through properties to accommodate a wide variety of processing operations. In addition, Compact Grid is designed to outperform, many competitive metal belt offerings, that are clunky, heavy, chain driven, and difficult to clean. Wire Belt has engineered this product as a solution for any application where a lightweight, easy to clean, and high performance metal conveyor belt is a must.

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TC-327 E-mail

2 year belt life guaranteeHave you switched your tortilla lines to plastic conveyor belting because you wanted longer belt life? Is your product not cooling properly or sticking together during packaging? Not happy with the results from your plastic belt?

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EYE-Flex® Heavy Duty Modular Belting E-mail

rings as spacersLooking for Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belting… Look No Further.

Eye-Flex is the strongest belt available in the Wire Belt family of products. Eye-Flex conveyor belting is made for applications that require an extremely rugged, long lasting belt.

Eye-Flex’s greater strength, carrying capacity, and open flat surface profile is the answer to all your heavy-duty conveying needs, whether you have a new or a replacement application.

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Flat-Flex Compound and Aligned Belts E-mail

Flat-Flex Compound and Aligned Belts

When applications require “special handling” of complex products, such as moving product up steep inclines or down sharp declines, maintaining product separation, minimizing points of contact, or keeping the product aligned in rows, you need a Specialty Belt from Wire Belt. These belts are custom-designed and manufactured to customers’ exact specifications for such diverse applications as: automotive brake pads, electronic circuit boards, chocolates, bagels, and snack foods.



Compound Belts

These belts incorporate specially-formed strands with raised sections called flights in pre-determined locations in the basic flat belt. These are typically used to help move product up an incline, down a decline, or to support, separate or minimize contact between products. The pattern of flights can be designed to create virtual “pockets” that totally isolate easily damaged products. Flights are available in four standard forms from 1/8" to 1" high/deep.

compound bagels compound brakepads compound circuit boards
Aligned Belts

Aligned belts are used to convey products in specific rows. These belts utilize rows of flights to permit control and separation of delicate products to minimize damage and waste. In this configuration, all strands are formed in the same manner throughout the belt length. However, the number of rows and the spacing can be varied. The height of these product guides is available up to 1/2".



EZSplice® Belt Joining System E-mail
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Environmental Packaging Survey E-mail
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Environmental Packaging Survey Tyson E-mail
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