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Fan Type Spreader/Converger
Two lane spreader/converger
Belt Strands up close

In-line processes often require repositioning of product for most efficient handling or aligned transport. This often creates a need to spread or converge products as they move between processes. Equipment of different widths require special conveyors to bridge the gap and integrate these processing units into a smooth running and efficient production line.

CarrySmart offers custom-designed spreader or converger conveyors in response to these in-line handling and conveying challenges. These are positively driven transport conveyors that use multiple rows of narrow-width stainless steel conveyor belt. Gentle product handling minimizes potential damage to fragile products. Rows of belt run over a food grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) support surface and each belt is positively driven by a stainless steel sprocket. This conveying system is designed and built to be easily cleaned and sanitized. Hygiene and food safety are always paramount considerations when choosing equipment for a food-processing environment.

The standard design is a “fan-type” spreader or converger, as shown, which positions product evenly on either side of the conveyor centerline. Another common configuration is called a “lane-type” where a series of parallel chains run at an angle from the adjacent series of parallel chains. The lane configuration is used when it is important to keep the product in established rows while spreading each row from the adjacent row. A variety of other configurations are available to meet other product positioning needs. (For example, the left edge orientation could remain constant, while the product spreads toward the right edge.)