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416 Front

The Series 400 Flex-Turn conveyor is a solid top turning conveyor. The solid conveyor belt support bed helps reduce debris build up while preventing the product from falling through the belt or becoming entangled in the individual strands of the belt. These conveyors were created for easy cleaning and maintenance.

There are three models of the Series 400 conveyor: the 416, 432 and 480. Model 416 Flex-Turn conveyors have a 16” inside turning radius while the Model 432 units have a 32” radius.

Model 416 and 432 conveyors share the same footprint as the Model 316 and 332 conveyors. The Series 400 conveyor is constructed of stainless steel, with a belt support bed of solid high density polyethylene. Grooved nosebars may be substituted for the standard transfer rollers. Model 480 features an 800mm inside turning radius. An extremely tight pitch belt and the smallest product transfer offered of any Flex-Turn conveyor distinguish the innovative Model 480 conveyor from the others. The Model 480 comes standard with a high density polyethylene support bed offering extra support for delicate products.