Flex-Turn® Series 300 Conveyor E-mail

380 FrontThe Series 300 conveyor is an open, stainless steel framed turning conveyor. This open structure maximizes product exposure and allows for the easy removal of debris or washing and draining operations. All of this is accomplished while offering unparalleled visual access of the conveyor structure for inspection and cleaning.

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Flex-Turn® Series 400 Conveyor E-mail
416 FrontThe Series 400 Flex-Turn conveyor is a solid top turning conveyor. The solid conveyor belt support bed helps reduce debris build up while preventing the product from falling through the belt or becoming entangled in the individual strands of the belt. These conveyors were created for easy cleaning and maintenance.
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Spreader/Converger Conveying Systems E-mail

 In-line processes often require repositioning of product for most efficient handling or aligned transport. This often creates a need to spread or converge products as they move between processes. Equipment of different widths require special conveyors to bridge the gap and integrate these processing units into a smooth running and efficient production line.

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Flat-Flex® Straight Conveyors E-mail

horizon-belt_02.jpgStandard straight conveyors are available, fitted with Flat-Flex® or other belting to suit most applications. A wide range of optional features and special variants ensure the versatility to satisfy most application requirements.

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Flat-Flex® Shuttle Conveyors E-mail

shuttle.jpgThe Flat-Flex Shuttle Conveyor is a versatile piece of equipment that can, in a single operation, both gap the product and turn the direction of travel through 90º.

A common application is the transferring of product from a narrow belt to cover the full width of a much wider belt.

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Available Conveyor Options E-mail


Swivel lockable casters are an option and the standard is a stainless steel body with a 100mm diameter nylon wheel.


Conveyors can be supplied with drive options of SEW Eurodrive, Stroter hydraulic, etc.* Some of these options are outlined in the chart below. In most cases the standard drive option is chosen. However Carrysmart will fit the conveyor with almost any customer specified drive motor.

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