Typical Conveyor Layouts E-mail

There are a number of popular conveyor layouts that are appropriate for using Flat-Flex belts. We have divided these into General Best Practices and Application-Specific Practices. The most frequently used are shown here below and include: Simple Conveyor Layout; “S” Drive Layout; Alternate “S” Drive Layout; the Infeed, Twin Layouts, Center Drive Layout and the Bi-Directional Layout.

In general, the less complicated the belt circuit the longer the belt life. This would make the Simple Layout the preferred one, provided that the discharge of products over the drive sprocket teeth is not objectionable. All these layouts have been utilized in hundreds of designs. However, this is not to imply that the belt life will be the same in all these cases.

You and your customer are the ultimate judges of what is “acceptable” belt life in the specific application. You must consider all the factors and trade-offs, and make your own determination based on your design goals and design constraints. Technical Services will be glad to work with you to help determine some reasonable “expectation” for belt performance in your specific project.

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