Sprocket Placement E-mail

Flat-Flex typically uses pairs of drive sprockets located in the odd-numbered spaces, with blanks supporting the outside edges of the belt. This arrangement facilitates sprocket alignment and allows the use of splicing clips for installation and belt repair.

Note: Flat-Flex XT uses a different arrangement. One sprocket is used in each of the XT (small) spaces only across the entire width of the belt. Sprockets should have an even amount of clearance on both sides between each Z-bend.

The correct clearance must be present between every sprocket and its adjacent Z-bend. This cannot be emphasized too often. Belt life will be severely reduced if the Z-bends come in contact with any component of the conveyor.

General Best Practice: Wire Belt recommends that only genuine Wire Belt sprockets and blanks be used with Flat-Flex belts. Commercially available sprockets can cause the belt to surge, jump teeth, and may cause premature failure.

sprocket front view   XT Front View