ISO 9001/14001 Registered E-mail


This certification means that the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System of Wire Belt Company of America have been assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A, against the following quality assurance and environmental management system standards:

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

The Quality and Environmental Management Systems of Wire Belt Company of America are applicable to:


The approval is subject to the company maintaining its systems to the required standards, which will be monitored by NQA, U.S.A

Wire Belt Company of America's Environmental Policy is: 

Purpose:   To provide a policy statement that conveys the goal of Wire Belt Company of America to be an environmentally friendly company.

Scope:   This policy applies to all of Wire Belt Company of America’s property (including inside and outside of the building) located at 154 Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053.

Environmental Management System:  Wire Belt Company of America has developed and implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) to comply with this policy, and the requirements of ISO 14001.

ISO Management Representative and Facilities Manager:  The CEO has appointed a qualified environmental ISO Management Representative and Facilities Manager, who have ensured that an EMS has been established, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.  They also report to top management on the performance of the EMS including recommendations for review.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Control:  Wire Belt Company of America complies with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the environment, and other requirements the company subscribes to which relate to environmental aspects. Also, Wire Belt Company of America minimizes risk to its employees, the community, and the environment resulting from its business operations.

Continual Improvement:  Wire Belt Company of America is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance.  The environmental performance of the company, including the adequacy of this policy, is periodically reviewed and adapted to changed conditions and improved where appropriate. 

Environmental Performance:  Environmental performance is measured against targets and objectives.

Prevention of Pollution and Waste Minimization:  Wire Belt Company of America is dedicated to pollution prevention and waste minimization.  The company prevents, to the best of its ability, pollution in its design and operation of products, processes, and facilities, and minimizes waste generated by its business operations.

Communication:  This policy is made available to all employees and the public.  Wire Belt Company of America educates its employees in responsible environmental management and their responsibilities pursuant to this policy.

Audit:  Environmental performance is measured on a regular basis.  Measurement includes EMS audits and assessments of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, company requirements, and this policy.

Responsibility:  Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee.