From the heart of Texas to the heart of America's conveyor systems E-mail
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 The Wire Belt Company of America is rooted in the great American tradition of invention, enterprise, and commitment to quality.

Back in the early 1900s’ (1902-1911), Jesse Wade Greer was selling candy from his grocery store in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. It was there that his talent for innovation first surfaced. He created a process for coating candy that was later to grow into other patents, and ultimately, a small industry.

By the 1920s, Jesse was manufacturing candy-making equipment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Chocolate coaters, cooling conveyors, chocolate melting, tempering kettles, and of course, the famous, patented Greer Chocolate Coater.

The conveyor belt on the Greer Coater became known as the Greer Belt. And in 1947 the belting division was spun off as Wire Belt Company of America.

Today, the tradition continues… Our belts carry our reputation for toughness, resilience, commitment to quality, and innovation. That’s the promise of J.W. Greer and the Wire Belt family